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compare where you are to where you wanna be

and you'll get nowhere

nostalgic for disaster♥
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24. south texas. nostalgic. wanderlust. pen & paper. photographs. toy cameras. skeptic. baking. unapplied love of fashion. optimistic pessimist. music addict. genetic lack of rhythm. wallflower.

Music. Photography. Art. Collage making. Polaroids. Vintage anything. Thunder and lightning storms. Zooey Deschanel. Musicals. Freckles. Mustard Yellow. Shoes. Retro furniture & luggage. High fashion. Collecting things. Staring for hours and always finding something new. Lyrical george harrison references.

Unnecessary rudeness. Super sunny days. Cloudless skies. Mustard. Slow poke drivers. Ungrateful bastards. Onions. No wind in the trees. Pickles. Seaweed. Texting/answering cellphones in movie theaters.

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