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nostalgic for disaster♥
05 August 2028 @ 11:23 am

Most of my entries are friends only, picspams and the rare icon post are public.
Lately, a few people have added me without commenting or messaging and without a clear reason why.
If you're going to add me please leave a comment here, otherwise I will not add you back.

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nostalgic for disaster♥
16 July 2008 @ 06:09 pm
In tradition of the Day Late Bday Picspam, today I'm honoring Ray Toro of MCR.
Dude is a total bro, made of awesome, video games, 80's metal band shirts, Iron Maiden fanboy, magical fro, and mega riffs.
I have a ridiculous amount of love for Ray. Then again I usually do go for the underdog. Ray has sort of risen from underdog status to Rock God. Still, he doesn't get the kind of love he should.

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nostalgic for disaster♥
24 March 2008 @ 04:14 pm
Back to the daily grind.
Thus I come bearing mini picspam of bandom playing video games. Mostly Guitar Hero, bc that's how they roll.
But, yeah.... the pictures are few in number, if you have more, you should most definitely link or post them in a comment.
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nostalgic for disaster♥
26 January 2008 @ 01:21 pm
Ladies, meet Joseph Mark Trohman

really not dial-up friendly.
nostalgic for disaster♥
01 January 2008 @ 10:57 pm
roll the clock back 24 hours//pretend it's yesterday.
i forgot to wish one of the greatest drummer's a happy birthday.
and we simply can't have that bc bob bryar is made of win, awesome, badassery, cute puppies, ninjas, rad headbands, fuzzy slippers, zebra print, soft hair, beard luhve, sparkly drum kits, and teenage mutant ninja turtles.

 not dial up friendly.
and also, not a primer. just throwing that out there. i am not all knowing.
nostalgic for disaster♥
07 December 2007 @ 04:31 pm
I'm mildly infatuated with All Time Low's song "Vegas."
It's awesome.  It took several times listening to it while driving to finally hear the last verse, which is my now my favorite.
"I would've married you in Vegas, Had you given me the chance, Could you be anymore obvious?"

I've been meaning to make icons out of that lyric bc I like it so much.
The other day punkette4vab posted All Time Low bases.
I finally got around to iconning today.

[2] Lyrics
[3] Joncer (Jon/Spencer) - 2 bases by madsciencechick, 1 by kisswithatear(i cut brendon out)
[3] Jon Walker
[7] All Time Low
[2] Spencer Smith

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nostalgic for disaster♥
13 August 2007 @ 06:07 pm
 my last resource post was in 2005. 2 years, i know. and i probably post icons about twice a year, but it's definitely time for an update.

all Icon/Graphic Resources beneath the cut. 

any questions just comment. 
nostalgic for disaster♥
02 August 2005 @ 02:24 am

resourcesCollapse )

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nostalgic for disaster♥
06 July 2005 @ 07:11 pm

on a lighter note.

if you have yet to check this out, you're lame.


iharthdarth   is a comedic genius!

new comic is up.  Its called Good On The Inside, i call it,  Uh, Padme... Shut up!